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Captivating your Christmas Glow


Hello dear readers of Places&Faces Magazine, and welcome to this special Christmas edition of my column. As we dive into the holiday season, I couldn’t be more excited to discuss the makeup trends that are gracing the Christmas parties and gatherings across Norfolk and Suffolk.

This December, we’re embracing a more natural and inviting look. Think of that fireside warmth, rosy cheeks, subtly tinted lips, well-groomed brows, lush eyelashes and elegant lash-defining eyeliner. The trend for natural beauty continues to reign supreme, with radiant and dewy skin, high-tinted cheekbones, and skilful highlighting in just the right places.

So, what’s in and what’s out right now? Matte, dark, over-lined lips are out, replaced by fresh, softly lined glossy lips in more translucent stained reds. Tinted cheeks, meticulously groomed brows, and full lash lines are in, while contouring is making its exit. For those with Permanent Makeup (PMU), the holiday season offers an extra layer of convenience.

“The clinic, on the other hand, is buzzing with holiday spirit, and we can’t wait to help our clients look their best for the festive season”

I know many people are intrigued by PMU but are concerned about it looking unnatural. At Enhance Cosmetic Clinic, we’ve got you covered. We pre-draw all our treatments, ensuring you’re comfortable with the plan. We have an extensive range of pigments to blend perfectly with your skin tone, and our experienced artists consider your hair colour, eye colour, and complexion to recommend the best shades for you.

Now, if you’re aiming for that radiant Christmas glow, I have a must-have recommendation for you: Alumier’s Vitamin Rich Smoother. It’s silky smooth and provides your skin with a beautiful, glowing canvas for underneath your makeup. Additionally, maintaining your skincare routine during the colder months is crucial. At the clinic, we offer a range of treatments, and one of our favourites is the famous HydraFacial.

Christmas is a season for giving, and it’s heartwarming to see loved ones purchasing gift vouchers for their friends and family. This year, consider putting an Enhance gift voucher on your Santa list to treat yourself or a loved one. Investing in a luxurious course of treatments can be even more rewarding than a one-off session.

Speaking of festive gifts, Alumier has launched an exclusive seasonal product, the Radiant Reveal A.C.E kit. This dynamic duo includes their ever-active C&E peptide and AHA renewal serum, both of which work gently to enhance your skin’s potential. These products reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lock in moisture, and improve skin tone.

As for us at Enhance Cosmetic Clinic, our team is excited to celebrate the holiday season with a Christmas party at the Wheatacre White Lion near Beccles. A three-course meal, a black-tie ball, and live music are on the agenda. However, for me and my partner Sam, it will be a quieter affair this year with our little one in tow. The clinic, on the other hand, is buzzing with holiday spirit, and we can’t wait to help our clients look their best for the festive season ahead.

I wish you all a magical and beautiful Christmas filled with love, laughter, and, of course, a touch of holiday glow. Merry Christmas to you all!

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Oa Hackett
Oa Hackett