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Hi Friends!

We’ve finally reached the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas (better known as Dogmas). Dedicated readers will remember that I took you through my gift guide last time, and this month, to get you all in the festive spirit, I’ve decided to walk you through our Christmas Day plans.

It will be an early start for us on Christmas morning (as it is every morning), to get me out for a lovely walk in the (hopefully) crisp and cold countryside – need to make sure I get plenty of exercise ahead of a nice lazy day of being spoilt. I’m hoping I might also get to have my special Christmas Day treat from my Three Peaks advent calendar – yum! Last Christmas our family came to us, but this year we are doing the rounds, so mum and dad have got a list ready of all the things we need to take with us to keep me occupied! First, and possibly most importantly, is my Ivy and Duke bed. Having this with us really helps me to settle, as it’s a familiar place for me to sleep, not to mention oh so comfortable. I’ve heard rumour that I may also have another special Ivy and Duke item under the tree this year! Other things on the pawrents’ list include a blanket in case I get chilly, my antler chew, my teddy and plenty of bite size treats. If any of you are also heading out on Christmas Day, make sure your pawrents pack some of your favourite chews, toys and treats to help keep you occupied.

We are popping in to see dog mum’s parents first and knowing grandma she will sneak me some more treats – and I’ll get all the cuddles! Then it will be off to see dog dad’s family for the rest of the day. I’ve recently been allowed free roam of the whole of the downstairs so I’ve got lots of space to wander, however I’m told there will be a baby gate on the stairs as I’m not allowed to climb them – spoilsports! Nanny will be making a delicious lunch for all the non-dog guests, but I’m hoping I might get to have a little taste of the roast dinner. Remember though doggies, as nice as it is to have little treats at Christmas, there are some foods that are poisonous to us, such as onions, mince pies, grapes, chocolate and macadamia nuts, just to name a few. It’s also important to remember that even with things we can eat, like turkey (no skin or bones!), carrots, parsnips, peas etc we should only have them in moderation and should keep them as plain as possible without any seasoning. To be extra safe, you could always opt for festively flavoured dog treats instead, such as Denzel’s turkey, cranberry and stuffing bites or pork, apple and honey ‘pigs in blankets’.

Then it will be time for presents! I’ve told the pawrents that I’ve been a very good boy this year, so paws crossed I will be lucky enough to have a couple of presents under the Christmas tree! I was also planning on being chief present opening helper, but dog mum said I could only do this if I didn’t eat the paper so I had to tender my resignation before I even started – who could meet those kind of expectations?! I’m hoping for really chilly weather at Christmas so we can have nanny and grandad’s log burner on – I plan on stretching out in front of it and keeping toasty warm.

After all that excitement, we will be heading home for plenty of rest before doing it all again the next day with dog mum’s parents – what a lucky doggy I am! I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas, make sure you stay safe and I will catch you all in the New Year – until next time Friends!


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