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Ask Angela – March 23

Angela Gifford

Angela Gifford

Managing Director of
Able Community Care

01603 764567 

Able Community Care has been in the same family for nearly four decades and now provides live-in care services throughout the UK. Since 1980 we have provided care and have met with thousands of families who are seeking an alternative to moving into a residential care home. Meeting people inevitably leads, either at the time of an assessment or even years later, to questions for which people are looking for answers.

Information around all aspects of care is available but the road to finding out, especially at a time of crisis, about specific factors can be difficult and stressful. Able Community Care receives calls and emails on a regular basis with people asking if we can help with their search for information.

Recently these questions have been asked of us…

Angela Gifford, Managing Director of Able Community Care answers your questions…

Question: Due to a new disability I have to use some quite bulky disability aids and need therefore to replace some of my furniture. e.g. settee. I live in the country, do not drive, how do I get rid of it?

Answer: One way is to give your local Council Customer Services a call. Most councils will collect items such as old sofas, fridges or washing machines for a fee and dispose of them for you.

Question: I am over seventy years of age, fit and healthy. I would like to get a job, to explore opportunities but opinion is I am too old to find work. Any ideas?

Answer: Based on your previous working experience you could try registering with local employment/recruitment agencies.

However, some local Age UK offices run projects to help get people into work. Google ‘Helping older people look for work/Age UK’ and you can put in your postcode for local details.

Question: My parents are thinking of moving into a retirement home and we are looking to find out as much as we can about them, costs to buy or to rent, maintenance charges and what else is available on site for social activity etc. Where should we begin to look for information?

Answer: A good place to begin is to visit This organisation offers a free service that helps families and retirees find the UK’s best elderly care homes and retirement living communities. Another organisation which can help is the Elderly Accommodation Council, a national charity with a mission to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care.

Question: My nephew is in his 20’s and has a disability which prevents him from taking part in lots of sports and activities. Other than holidays catering for people with a disability, do you know of an organisation, charity or business that provides more stimulating breaks?

Answer: The organisation Anyone Can is run by a husband and wife team who advise that they plan adventures that can be adapted, are never toned down, enabling and maximising adventure inclusion. They have a very comprehensive website at Here  you will find giving details of organised trips and how to make your own trip more personalised.

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