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Ask Angela – Oct 22

Angela Gifford

Angela Gifford

Managing Director of
Able Community Care

01603 764567 

Able Community Care has been in the same family for nearly four decades and now provides live-in care services throughout the UK. Since 1980 we have provided care and have met with thousands of families who are seeking an alternative to moving into a residential care home. Meeting people inevitably leads, either at the time of an assessment or even years later, to questions for which people are looking for answers.

Information around all aspects of care is available but the road to finding out, especially at a time of crisis, about specific factors can be difficult and stressful. Able Community Care receives calls and emails on a regular basis with people asking if we can help with their search for information.

Recently these questions have been asked of us…

Angela Gifford, Managing Director of Able Community Care answers your questions…

Question: Not living near my elderly parents and with the current electricity situation of possible black outs and rationing being mentioned, is there anything I can do to protect my
parents supply?

Answer: There is a Priority Services Register in place with suppliers and network operators for vulnerable people (Each network may have a slightly different model) which, if you are eligible to register, offers free support and services such as advising in advance of power cuts, possibly offering alternative heating facilities if supply is disrupted and an ID and Password scheme.

The eligibility as advised by Ofgem is:

You have reached your state pension age

You are disabled or have a long term medical condition

You are recovering from an injury

You have a hearing or sight condition

You have a mental health condition

You have young children or are pregnant

You have communication difficulties.

You may also be eligible if you need short term support after being in hospital.

Contact your energy supplier and give them your details and if you have more than one supplier, contact both of them.


Question: Can you explain what the  Social Care Cap is and when does it apply from?

Answer: The Social Care Cap, which was announced in September 2021 and is to be implemented in October 2023, refers to the amount of £86,000 which is the amount any person in England will have to spend on their personal care needs over their lifetime.

The practical aspects of implementing the Social Care Cap are complex; relating to assessment and personal, financial situations. 

Local Authorities are to be responsible for determining local financial plans for this change in the provision of personal care support. Currently, the cost for an hour’s personal care paid to care providers varies from authority to authority and this will be relative as to how soon the Social Care Cap is reached in each area.

Not included in the Social Care Cap is any care paid for prior to October 2023 or costs related to rent, accommodation costs in a care home setting, food or utility bills.

Further information will be published as implementation of this change draws nearer.


Question: With the difficulty of getting an appointment at my local GP Surgery, is it possible to purchase anti-biotics from my local Chemist?

Answer: There are over 8,000 chemists in the UK who have a qualification for prescribing and can prescribe any medicine for any medical condition. Give your nearby chemists a call to see if they have a prescribing chemist in situ.


Question: I have mobility problems and am often unable to go shopping for my weekly food shop. Is there any help available?

Answer: Age UK offer services to help older people, who for a variety of reasons are unable to shop for themselves. It can be helping you to form a food order and then ordering on your behalf an online delivery or providing a volunteer to take and accompany you to the local supermarket. (There may be a small charge for transport costs). Give your local Age UK a call to see what is available in your area.

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