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Hi Friends!

It’s February which means two things; on February 14th it’s Valentines Day and my dad’s birthday, so I thought I would talk about all the ways you can
manipulate your pawrents feelings to get lots of presents show your pawrents how much you love them!

Now us dogs are pretty amazing and we can show love and affection in many different ways. Some of the most common ways are:

  • Kisses – when we love people we give lots of licks, which is our way of giving you a kiss!
  • Following you around – following around the people we love makes us feel safe and secure, so if we do this, know that you’re pretty special!
  • Leaning on you – finding our way of getting as close to you as possible is just like giving you a hug!
  • Gazing at you – staring adoringly at people releases oxytocin, which plays an important part in bonding and is known as the love hormone!
  • Sharing toys with you – this shows we are really happy and want you to share in that happiness with us!
  • Putting paws on you – this is basically our way of trying to hold hands and cuddle you back!
  • Wagging tail – if a dog’s tail is in a neutral position and wagging profusely, it’s a pretty good indication that we’re super happy and really love the person we’re with!

It is important to remember that with any dog body language, you read the whole picture, as some of these behaviours could mean something different in certain situations.

From a dog’s perspective, you can tell when a human loves you in many ways, but here are a few key ones:

  • Smother you with cuddles – my pawrents give me a million cuddles a day
  • Use a silly voice – baby talk, made up words, giving us silly nicknames – those humans really do embarrass themselves when they fall in love with us
  • Giving you treats – now this is obviously one of my favourite ways the pawrents show me affection…though if they’re reading this then just know that there would be nothing wrong in showing me a little more edible affection!

There are other ways your pawrents can show you love this February – special Valentines gifts!

The Doting Dog Company is amazing and has a special Valentine’s themed collection of toys and treats to choose from, including a Love Bug caterpillar toy, Love rope tug toy, Hearts ‘n Bears Burrow enrichment toy and even a heart design lick mat! Possibly even more exciting is their personalised love letter keepsake, where your pawrents have the opportunity to detail all of the ways they love you. You can even send one to another one of your dog friends if you’d like – share the love!

If food is more your thing, then one of our favourite treat brands, Denzels, have released special love themed treats – Peanut Butter, Strawberry and Carob hearts – I can’t wait to try them!

So in conclusion friends, consider showing the pawrents some extra love this year, as they really are a needy bunch! Give them an extra lick, tolerate their cuddles and their high pitch exclamations of ‘who’s the bestest boy’ and you never know, you might be rewarded with an extra treat or even a new toy!

Until next time friends!

Denzel’s  Valentine’s Heart Bites


The Doting Dog Company

Love Rope Tug Toy,


The Doting Dog Company

Heart ‘n Bears Burrow Enrichment Toy


The Doting Dog Company

SodaPup Lick Mat with Heart Design


The Doting Dog Company

Love Bug Caterpillar Toy


The Doting Dog Company

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