Nadiya’s Fast Flavours

By Nadiya Hussain

In this companion book to her brand-new BBC TV series of the same name, Great British Bake Off winner Nadia teaches us how to bring the excitement back into our everyday meals. Known for her daring and unexpected flavour combinations, Nadiya loves to throw the rulebook out of the window and is always looking for new ways to take familiar recipes to the next level. Now she makes it easy for you to do the same, with a host of everyday recipes that are guaranteed to send your taste buds into overdrive!

The Yorkshire Pudding Cookbook

by Heather Thomas

Yorkshire puddings are not just for Sundays! The beloved hollowed-out cup shape of the Yorkshire pud can house delicious fillings to suit any time of the day or week. From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, use these recipes to transform the humble Yorkshire pudding into mouth-watering wraps, pizzas, blinis, canapés, burritos, tacos or even burgers. Then, whip up some scrumptiously sweet pancakes with any leftovers!

Gino’s Italian Family Adventure

by Gino D’Acampo

Drawing from his upbringing in Napoli, Gino teaches us how to prepare easy, delicious meals that the whole family will love in his new ultimate family cookbook. These are the firm favourites that Gino and his family enjoy over and over again. They represent the Italian way of cooking, catering to the whole family’s diverse tastes in a way that is often effortless and always satisfying; Spicy Pork Ribs, the Ultimate Steak Sandwich and Orange and Pistachio Tiramisu… we can’t wait to try these out!

Love to Cook

by Mary Berry

120 delicious recipes from Mary Berry’s brand-new BBC series of the same name (due to air later in the year) including Kashmiri Chicken Curry and Lemon Limoncello Pavlova. Each photographed dish celebrates the delightful ingredients and flavours Mary loves, and which make cooking at home such a joy.

Will Run for Doughnuts

by Rachel Wyman

This cookbook spotlights the recipes, traditions, and tales of a popular New Jersey bakery that started in 2012 as a tiny hole in the wall but became a pillar of resilience for the community during the global pandemic. Montclair Bread Company not only offers plenty of baked treats to crowds of fans, and is a magnet for runners who line up each year to race for doughnuts, it’s the epitomy of adapting to survive a crisis. This book shares the tried-and-true recipes Rachel spent three decades perfecting that are now the backbone of her bakery.

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