From lingerie expert Beth Kates founder of Liberty & Love

Finding a comfortable and supportive bra can be difficult, so it’s no surprise that many women get into the habit of wearing one ‘trusty’ bra over and over again – until it falls apart.    

Lingerie expert Beth Kates founded Liberty & Love an underwear brand passionate about women feeling good every day. She tells us when you should really wash your bra and when it’s time to replace it.



Lingerie expert Beth revealed that if you’ve had to ask yourself about how often you need to wash your bra, then you probably aren’t washing it enough. 

Beth explained that the biggest things to consider when it comes to how often to wash your bras is how oily your skin is and how sweaty you get day-to-day. 

“Wash after sport always, any time you sweat it should be washed, otherwise after every two or three times of wearing. 

“It seems people don’t always stick to this because maybe they don’t have enough bras!” 



If you’re caught up in a bad habit of wearing the same bra for weeks on end, there’s some nasty truths to be told. 

Beth revealed that bacteria, oil,
dirt, lotions, yeast and fungi can assemble in your bras if you refrain
from washing them. 

“As bras are so close to the skin, all the grimy bacteria that has built up over time can cause friction. So follow your instinct  – if you haven’t been that active, then every couple of wears will be fine, but if your bra gets sweaty or dirty, then change it daily.” 



From breast and back pain to premature sagging, Beth admitted it’s surprising that so many women are wearing the wrong size bra – and it’s often due to fear of getting measured. 

She said: “There are many ways in which the wrong size bra can contribute to breast pain. If your bra is too small, it can dig into your breasts and contract vessels in the breast tissue.

 “Or if it’s too big, your breasts can bounce, which could lead to tenderness. You won’t have the required support and the breast tissue can stretch leading to lack of shape.” 



When you start noticing a significant gap between the bra cups and your breast, it means that either the cups are stretched out or you need a different cup size. 

If you notice any changes such as this, it’s definitely time to get a new bra, advised Beth. 



The back of a bra naturally stretches out over time so if you start to notice a ripple effect, it means the elastic has stretched out and your breasts aren’t getting the required support. 

The expert explained that when the back band is loose and not supporting your back or chest properly, it’s a tell tale sign to replace your bra. 


We all know there’s nothing quite like the pain of your bra’s underwire poking out and digging into your skin. 

Beth said while you may be tempted to poke the wire back in, it’s a huge sign of wear and tear. If you’re wondering when to buy a new bra, this is definitely the time to do so! 

Beth said: “Whilst there are many tell-tale signs that may signal that you need a new bra, sometimes you might want something a bit more luxurious. 

“Every bra has its day but it’s important to invest in a bra that makes you feel happy and confident.” 

She wants women to buy underwear for themselves as she advocates ‘your body, your choice, your you. Love the skin you’re in.’ 

Beth is on a mission to change marketing of lingerie to women across the board and aims that through Liberty & Love this will happen. 

“At Liberty & Love we are passionate about women feeling good every day. We want you to buy underwear for you, your body, your life, your choice. You can have beautiful nightwear for movie nights with the kids and still feel glamorous. You can have beautiful underwear when you are just being you, every day. Your body, your choice, your you. Love the skin you’re in.”