Buttermilk Pudding with blackberries

 – by Stuart Tattersall, Chef – Gunton Arms

Often confused with the forever favourite pannacotta, this take on the classic brings a refreshing citrus addition which with the buttermilk ensures a welcome lightness. Rhubarb, raspberries or strawberries could all compliment the pudding in different seasons as the blackberries used here.

(makes 4 portions)

• 213ml Double Cream

• 375ml Buttermilk

• 2.5 Gelatine Leaves

• x1 Lemon Peel

• 1/4 Vanilla Pod

• 2.5oz Sugar


– Soak gelatine in cold water.

– In a pan, add the cream, vanilla pod, lemon peel and sugar bring to the boil.

– Put buttermilk into a bowl.

– Take boiling cream off the heat, squeeze gelatine out of the water and mix through the cream.

– Pour cream mix through a sieve into the buttermilk and mix.

– Scrape vanilla pod into mix and stir.

– Pour into moulds and set in the fridge.

Blackberry Compote:


• 150g Blackberries

• 60g Sugar


– Put the ingredients into a pan on a low heat (60°C) and let them cook out, stirring occasionally, ensuring it doesn’t boil.

To serve:

– Gently warm the outside of the mould in warm water to loosen the pudding from the mould.

– Place the mould in the centre of the bowl and tap to release.

– Decorate with fresh blackberries and blackberry compote to finish.


This month’s recipe comes from The Gunton Arms Chef, Stuart Tattersall.

Stuart cooks with local ingredients and seasonal produce. Venison from the deerpark and beef from the local herd at Blickling, are cooked over a large open fire in the Elk Room. The Gunton Arms also has its own seafood, mussels and Cromer crab, which are all caught by local fishermen.

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