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Whatever tickbox you are in you can create a look that is radiant, making you feel gorgeous on the outside as well as within. Putting in some extra care now can really help you as you move into the next stage of your life. The beauty regimes you are using in your 20’s are not necessarily the same as you should be using in your 40’s. As your skin changes and inevitably ages, you need to change your skin care routines along with it, helping you keep on looking healthy and youthful.

The 20s

Water! It may sound obvious but drinking water is very important in your 20’s. It is more than just keeping yourself hydrated, it will keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant. Making sure you are drinking enough water as part of your overall health and wellbeing will also lay the groundwork for decades to come. In addition to drinking enough, try not to shower or bath in hot water as this will dry out your skin. Moisturising is always important but ensure you are also moisturising your neck and hands as well as your face. Once again this is laying the groundwork for the future and is a routine you will inevitably continue throughout your life. It goes without saying that you need to look for a moisturiser which has an SPF factor. If you are dealing with breakouts, try a cleanser or spot treatment that has a boost of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These active ingredients will help get rid of acne-causing bacteria and calm an oily, acne-prone complexion.

The 30s

This is the time you will start to notice fine lines and signs of aging, so hydration and moisturisation are an even bigger focus. Investing in good quality moisturising products will help protect and revitalise your skin. Many experts also suggest that this is an age where you should be more conscious of what you are putting into your body. Everything from healthy foods to alcohol intake can have an effect on your skin’s health and appearance. Starting to incorporate anti-ageing serums into your skincare routine is also a good practice especially towards your mid-to-late 30’s.

The 40s

Deeper lines and more visible signs of aging will start to show once you are in your 40’s. Add to this many women will enter the perimenopause, putting your hormones into flux which can also have an effect on your skin. Keeping up with the ethos of the previous two decades, but adjusting to more anti-ageing focused skin care products will have a positive effect. Using a liquid foundation can help as these will be more hydrating to the skin. Powders can also highlight fine lines and wrinkles. We all love a G&T and a glass of wine, but cutting back in your 40’s can also have a positive effect on your overall skin health.

The 50s and beyond

Now is the time to have a serious look at the products you are using. Adjusting to something which is creamier and has a greater level of hydration will help as the skin’s moisture levels drop. Typically there is a drastic drop in hormones due to menopause and collagen production slows dramatically. Consider getting facials on a regular basis to boost your skin’s health.

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