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Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors

Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors

Nipple-Areola Tattooing by Polly Vincent, Enhance Cosmetic Clinic Owner & Permanent Makeup Expert


Hello lovely readers! October is here, and it’s not just the season of falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes—it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As we come together to raise awareness and support those affected by breast cancer, I, Polly Vincent, your trusted permanent makeup expert, have an exciting announcement to make. Throughout this month, my clinic will be offering a special “pink package” to raise funds for cancer research. When you book a pink package in October, 10% of your booking will be donated to Breast Cancer UK. And to show our solidarity, all the girls at the clinic will be proudly donning pink uniforms. We are genuinely looking forward to making a difference and raising awareness.

Breast cancer touches the lives of countless women, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact it can have on both their physical and emotional well-being. Many of our clients have faced various forms of cancer, often leading them to seek our services. Some have lost their brow hair due to treatment, while others are preparing to undergo chemotherapy or other therapies that will affect their natural hair. In such cases, restoring those defining features provides them with a renewed sense of confidence and self-assurance. Today, however, I want to shed light on another aspect of the treatment journey: nipple-areola tattooing.

Following a mastectomy, women often experience a profound sense of loss. This loss can affect their sense of symmetry and identity. At our clinic, we’ve been offering nipple-areola tattooing as part of our services since the end of lockdown, and the response has been remarkable. Our clients range from those seeking a single nipple tattoo to others in need of two, depending on the nature of their surgery. With this treatment, we have the ability to add colour and shape, creating a 3D effect that mimics natural nipples. In cases where a 3D nipple has been reconstructed by a surgeon, we can work around it to enhance the overall appearance. This procedure, known as medical tattooing, aims not only to make women feel beautiful but, more importantly, to restore their confidence and sense of self.

“Following a mastectomy, women often experience a profound sense of loss. This loss can affect their sense of symmetry and identity.”

Oa Hackett

The inspiration behind offering nipple-areola tattooing at our clinic stems from my personal experience with cancer. My mother bravely battled bowel cancer, and during her chemotherapy I had the privilege of meeting many incredible women who had endured breast cancer. Their stories and the impact it had on their lives motivated me to provide these medical treatments as a way to help others. While the procedure may be emotionally charged, the feedback we’ve received from our clients affirms that it serves as a true confidence booster, helping them regain their sense of identity.

It’s important to note that many people are surprised to learn that this areola treatment is available locally, as most individuals tend to head to London for such services. As we focus on raising awareness about breast cancer this month, I want every woman to know that this treatment is accessible right here, in our community. Together, we can spread the word and ensure that breast cancer survivors have access to the support they need, both physically and emotionally.

On a lighter note, I recently enjoyed a beautiful baby-moon in Sorrento, Italy. It was a week filled with mouthwatering cuisine and ample sunshine, providing the perfect getaway before the arrival of my little one. With just a few months left until my baby’s arrival, I’ve been busy preparing my home to welcome this new chapter of my life.

Meanwhile, at the clinic, we’ve had a busy summer with clients topping up their permanent makeup and skincare products for big events and holidays. As the year draws to a close, people are already planning their skin peels. It’s been a busy few months, but we thrive on the joy of helping our clients feel their best. If you’re considering permanent makeup or skincare, remember that we offer free consultations at our clinic. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month commences, let us stand together, support one another, and strive to empower breast cancer survivors. By booking a pink package this October, you not only enhance your own beauty but also contribute to a cause that touches the lives of countless women. Remember, awareness and compassion are key in our collective fight against breast cancer.

Stay beautiful, inside and out!

Polly Vincent

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