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Fab 5 – Board games

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gift inspiration, party activities or a way to pass a dreary Sunday afternoon, here are our top…

The strategy game: Catan

You and your fellow players will need your brains and plenty of time for this one. The aim is to gain dominance over Catan, a land rich in natural resources, bartering and strategising in order to upgrade humble settlements into powerful cities. If you want to win, you’ll need to anticipate other player’s moves and work out plan b’s.

The party game: Taskmaster

Whether you’re familiar with the TV show or not, you’ll love this quirky, fun-filled game. Take turns in choosing a taskmaster (unfortunately, Greg Davies not included) and compete with your friends to perform a set of absurd tasks. The game comes with a winner’s trophy, loads of ludicrous tasks, a downloadable code for the taskmaster timer app and exclusive video assignments by little Alex Horne.

The drawing game: Scrawl

Forget Pictionary – this hilarious adult party game is for all the bad artists of the world: the worse you are at drawing, the funnier it will be. You and your pals must draw silly scenarios such as “A Monkey Knife Fight”, “Octopus Mating Season” or “A Haunted Oven”, then pass it on and try to describe the new drawing in front of you. Simple and very effective.

The family game: Articulate!

If family are descending upon you en-masse, Articulate! is the board game to break out. This trivia classic has straightforward rules that anyone can get involved with. Plus, the subject range is broad enough that you don’t need to be a font of obscure knowledge to win. It’s a sure-fire way of getting everyone away from their smartphones and chatting, just like the good old days!

The quick game: Dobble

Don’t want to be locked into hours of gameplay? Dobble is a fast, family-friendly and highly competitive card game with rounds taking as little as 5-15 minutes. The aim of the game? Each two cards have one symbol in common. Be the first to find and name it to win the card. Expect lots of shouting, card snatching and general chaos/merriment as you battle to be the fastest eye.


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