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Keeping on track in 2022

Chantel Pipe

INSTAGRAM: @chantelpipefitness

I’m a 41 year old mother of two girls and one French bulldog, and I’m a Personal Fitness Coach. I work one to one with clients aged 18-80, and have additional specialisms in pre and post natal training, GP exercise referral, cancer rehabilitation and pilates. I also run community fitness classes in the Suffolk coastal area.

New Year’s Resolutions already fallen by the wayside? It’s not too late to turn things around! These are my top reasons why resolutions fail, and what you can do to get back on track…

1. Vague goals.

The first rule of goal setting is to be as specific as possible, getting fit, is vague. What does it mean? How will you know when you’re fit?

Fix it: Narrow it down, e.g. ‘I will do two fitness classes each week’, ‘I will increase my daily steps from 5,000 to 8,000 each day’. These are specific and measurable.

2. Too many changes.

Embarked on a full lifestyle makeover? New diet, joined the gym, started going to classes? While that can be fun to start with, if you have taken on too much you will soon know.

Fix it: Choose one thing, or a couple of small things to change at a time. For example, doing one workout each week, and eating more vegetables with every meal. Once these changes become part of your normal routine, change the next thing.

3. All or nothing.

People often think that having a ‘bad week’, means they have ruined things and they might as well just give up. So not true!

Fix it: It’s what you do most of the time that makes the difference. So, aim for hitting your goals 80% of the time, and if you go off track for a few days or even weeks, just refocus as soon as you can.

4. Doing things that make you miserable.

Jumped on the latest exercise or diet bandwagon? If you hate spinning, not eating carbs or whatever it may be, you won’t stick with it long term.

Fix it: Find exercise you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be in a gym or class, explore and try a few things! For nutritional guidance, speak to an appropriately qualified PT, or for more specific needs consult a registered dietitian.

5. Being impatient.

If you are feeling unfit and unhappy with your body, you didn’t get there overnight. Many small things changed over months or years for you to arrive where you are now.

Fix it: Give yourself a reality check, accept that it may take you a similar length of time to reverse those changes. Lasting and sustainable change takes time.

6. Lack of social support.

You’re trying to eat well and exercise more, but are struggling with motivation and finding it a bit hard on your own.

Fix it: Tell your family/friends/co workers what your goals are and how they can support you.

7. Not knowing your ‘why’.

Why do you want to be healthier?

Fix it: Narrow down your ‘why’. Is it to reduce your chances of suffering with certain illnesses? Is it to support your mental health? Is it to boost your immune system? Identify your why, and remind yourself of that anytime your feel like giving up.

Treat yourself!

Love a notebook and a list?

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Not drinking enough water?

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