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Feet Firmly in Suffolk


Rosanna Calvert-Lyons from Feet Pray Love Reflexology has a treat for your feet

I ran a busy reflexology practice in central London treating city workers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, teachers, tourists and taxi drivers.  There didn’t seem to be anyone who couldn’t benefit from reflexology and I thrived on easing the hustle and bustle of city life.  Then, two years ago, my husband was appointed Artistic Director and CEO of the Theatre Royal and so we moved Feet Pray Love Reflexology (and ourselves) to Bury St Edmunds, and it is here that my feet have finally found their ground and we have found our home. 

I don’t know if it’s due to the huge Suffolk skies, the ancient architecture or magnificent coast and countryside, but my Suffolk clients seem to value their health and wellbeing even more; they have a deep appreciation of life and want to live it as well and as happily as they can.  So, Feet Pray Love Reflexology is thriving in the centre of Bury St Edmunds.  I’m proud that my beautiful treatment room is just one minute’s walk from St John’s Street – Bury’s famous street of independent shops, businesses and cafes.

I specialise solely in Reflexology because of its extraordinary range of emotional and physical health benefits.

There are reflexes in the feet that pertain to every organ and muscle in the body.  By massaging these reflexes, I seek to optimise the function of each organ, relax muscles, stimulate digestion, boost metabolism, balance your hormonal system, promote a healthy respiratory system, bolster immunity, alleviate pain and stimulate your body’s natural healing processes.  You name it; there’s a reflex for it! 

You’ll be amazed what the feet reveal.  I once treated a gentleman who had a blocked reflex on his little toe.  This implied an issue with his cheekbone, but there was no mark on his face so I thought I must be mistaken.  However, I tentatively asked, “do you have a problem with your right cheekbone?”  He looked at me in amazement and said that he had broken it in a car accident some 20 years earlier and that the residual scar tissue can flare up and feel terribly sore, as it did that day.  I continued to massage his foot and it relieved his discomfort.  He said to me gratefully, “a few hundred years ago they’d have burnt you.”  I took that as a compliment! 

Clients often look at me as if I’ve just seen into their soul but it’s not me that’s magic; it’s the reflexology.  Your life-story is imprinted on your feet and it gives me endless joy to practice this effective, non-invasive, holistic therapy because my clients tell me time and again how it improves their physical and mental health.

A client said recently that she feels like a different person since finding reflexology.  She no longer worries endlessly; instead she feels calm and confident.  She laughed when she asked how it was that reflexology had enabled her to like herself.  And the answer… Well firstly, I think it’s lowered her levels of cortisol and adrenaline (the ‘stress hormones’) so she is biologically more relaxed now.  I also believe that we hold emotions in different parts of our body.  Be it tension in the head, fear in the bladder, self-criticism in the liver, anxiety in the digestive tract or grief in the chest.  My hope is that by energising and unblocking the reflexes in our feet, we’re not only optimising the function of the corresponding organ, joint or muscle, but also expelling whatever negative emotion or memory is lingering there.  As my client says, “happy feet, happy mind.”

Another extraordinary aspect of reflexology is that it can help support fertility.  A client and her partner had been trying for a baby for a year before turning to Feet Pray Love Reflexology.  Last month I opened the door and there she stood, beaming from ear to ear.  “We wanted you to be the first to know,” she said, “we’re having a baby.”  

So, when you’re next in central Bury (seeing Robin Hood pantomime at the Theatre Royal or Christmas shopping on St John’s Street), why not treat yourself to an hour of reflexology for just £45?  Or, perhaps you’d like to buy a Gift Voucher for someone.  What better gift to give this Christmas than health and happiness! 

I’ll be delighted to hear from you so please visit and get in touch at


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