Festive Sharing Wreath

 – by Alice Talbot 


The festive season is with us once again and it is a time for enjoying time with friends, family and loved ones. If, like me, you love to cook then this is the perfect time to show off your culinary skills. However we all have to remember not to hideaway in the kitchen and to get out there and spend some quality time with our guests.

Try making a festive sharing wreath. As you will have noticed I have not given you a recipe this month and, more importantly, no list of ingredients. This is because only you will truly know the ingredients you will use. What do you like? What do your guests like? Select good cuts of meat and selection of cheeses to cater for everyone’s taste. Try to buy local where you can, celebrate the produce you have so readily on your doorstep. This area has a wealth of great independent producers as well as some of the best farm shops and farmers markets in the country.

Don’t forget that your platter of fabulous ingredients will need to have a top-notch accompaniment to lift the whole ensemble to create a symphony of flavours. Make sure your dips and chutneys are up to scratch! I can recommend my Allotment Chutney, Seaside Salsa or my ever popular Cranberry Crush.

Whatever you decide to serve up to your festive guests remember a plater like this can be prepared well in advance ensuring you will not miss out on any cracker jokes. Merry Christmas and enjoy your local festive food.

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