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How Pregnancy Empowered and Energised My New Year Goals  – by Polly Vincent


Hello wonderful readers of Places and Faces! As we step into the new year, I am thrilled to share my journey with you, a story of newfound ambition and drive that emerged from the beautiful experience of pregnancy. My hope is that my journey will inspire not only new mothers in business but also those from all walks of life who are looking to infuse fresh vitality into their ambitions in 2024.

The year 2023 was a remarkable one for me. It was filled with the joy of motherhood, the welcoming of my partner Sam into our home, earning a prestigious Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Excellence Award, watching my business reach new heights, and witnessing my incredible team come into their own. Amid all this success, the unexpected catalyst for even greater ambition was my pregnancy.

Pregnancy, often a time of slowing down and reflection, had the opposite effect on me. It became the driving force behind my newfound ambition and dedication. I wasn’t content with just maintaining the status quo. Instead, I was inspired to work harder than ever, motivated by the knowledge that my growing family was depending on my success.

While experiencing the changes that pregnancy brought to my body and life, I found myself more empowered, confident, and focused than ever before. It was a transformation I couldn’t have predicted. Pregnancy, which can be perceived as relinquishing control, was, for me, an opportunity to take charge in new and unexpected ways. It ignited a fire within me, and I discovered a depth of determination and drive that I had never known before.

The experiences of motherhood have not only enhanced my life but also inspired me to take a fresh perspective on my business. I came to understand the delicate art of balancing personal life and career and developed a newfound respect for working mothers. This journey has brought to light the incredible inspiration that parenthood can infuse into the world of business.

In the midst of this life-altering phase, my drive for growth intensified. Inspired by the profound experience of pregnancy, I sought to expand my horizons as a business owner. To navigate new risks and challenges, I partnered with a PR consultant. This collaboration was pivotal, propelling significant business growth and exposure throughout 2023. Understanding the immense value of mentorship, this journey has inspired me to offer my own expertise within business and offer business consultancy. I’ve come to realise the importance of mentorship and its role in driving growth and success.

In 2024, my vision for the future is clearer than ever. We’re not only continuing to offer additional training programs in permanent makeup at our clinic but also launching a female business consultancy. As the founder of Enhance Cosmetics Clinic, I’m thrilled to announce that I will be stepping into the role of a business consultant and mentor, ready to assist others in achieving their dreams and taking their enterprises to new heights.

As for the exciting plans in the pipeline, I’m keeping them close to my chest for now, but rest assured that there’s much more to come. Whether you’re in the beauty industry or any other sector, my message is clear: inspiration can be found in unexpected places, and the drive to succeed can be ignited by the most profound experiences. I’m here to help you achieve your business goals and dreams, whether you’re a new mum, an entrepreneur, or simply someone looking to infuse new vitality into your ambitions. Here’s to a year filled with prosperity, inspiration, and boundless ambition!

Oa Hackett
Oa Hackett

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