When we think about dusting off the trusty Monopoly board it is normally over Crimbo when the family are slowly emerging from a turkey-coma. With so many games to explore you will soon realise that they are not just for Christmas.

Bring the fun to your next summer event with one of these games, all of which are available from Norwich based company Zatu Games, what they don’t know about board games isn’t worth knowing! Check them out online at:



This great party game suitable for 2-8 players, sees you working alongside your teammates and nominated spymaster to find your fellow agents in the field, whilst also making sure to avoid the innocent bystanders – and the dangerous assassin! This easy-to-play word association game is a great addition to your games cupboard.



Just so we are clear… this game is for adults, so best not take this to little Henry’s eighth birthday BBQ. This adult party game for 4-8 players comes from the creative minds of Big Potato Games and is described by the creators as “chinese-whispers meets Pictionary”, a game of frantic doodling and some “innocent” misunderstanding that sees players trying to guess what the awful doodle in front of them is trying to depict, while also letting their inner Picasso out and attempting to draw the phrase they have been given.

Star Wars: Rebellion


The force is strong with this one. A big investment, but in my opinion worth the hefty price tag. You will need to set aside several hours and the first couple of games will feel a little overwhelming, but certainly worth the effort to learn. There are plenty of Youtube videos out there to help give you a run down of the rules. 

The actions of a handful of men and women shape the course of the Galactic Civil War in Star Wars: Rebellion, a board game of epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance for 2 to 4 players.



A fast paced game for 2-6 players where you use letter tiles to create words as fast as possible. Whichever player uses all their tiles first is the winner, so it won’t always be the player with the biggest vocabulary that triumphs. Quick to play and skilful without relying on dictionary knowledge, Bananagrams is a great way to get friends and family who don’t like word games to play a word game with you.

The Chameleon


The Chameleon, by Rikki Tahta and Big Potato Games, is a social deduction, word-based, family-friendly, party game in which the players have to work out who amongst them is hiding as the chameleon. The game is a simple game of hide and seek where players each draw a card one of which will state that you are the chameleon.  

Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition


This is unlike any game you have played before, and now you have the extreme outdoor version which has been upgraded with gigantic inflatable burritos and oversized cards.

Go head to head collecting cards, earning points, and throwing weaponized Mexican food!  This version includes super durable, water-resistant cards, nearly indestructible instructions, waterproof tokens, and two 3 foot tall inflatable Burritos.



If you do not have this in you gaming arsenal already, quite frankly you need to give yourself a good talking to. A fast-paced card game for 2-10 players. This game is almost 50 years old, and it’s still going strong today. The aim of UNO is simple… Try to get rid of all your cards, the quickest! It takes 30 seconds to explain the rules, and even less than that to set up the game.