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Get ready for a gaming extravaganza! On this page, you’ll find five soon-to-be-released games that are sure to delight you and your friends. At least one of these gems will hit the sweet spot of your gaming standards. Plus, we’ve got every price range covered, so you can score an awesome game without breaking the bank.

Star Wars Outlaws by Ubisoft

Step into the boots of an outlaw traversing vibrant forests, bustling cities, and a vast outdoor expanse in this upcoming adventure. Engage in battles against a myriad of adversaries, ranging from the formidable empire to roving gangs. Embrace the thrill of thievery as you pilfer valuable information and items from the empire, but be prepared to make a swift escape in your trusty ship if you’re caught. With gameplay reminiscent of both GTA and Star Wars, navigate the complexities of gaining a wanted level from the empire while cultivating relationships with various crime syndicates across the galaxy.

Mark your calendars for the game’s release on August 30th, available in three tantalizing editions: Standard: £60; Gold: £95 (includes the season pass and three days early access); Ultimate: £115 (enjoy all Gold rewards plus two exclusive outfit packs for that extra cool factor on day one)

Marvel Rivals

by Net Ease Games

Prepare for the ultimate showdown in Marvel Rivals, a forthcoming six versus six team shooter featuring your favourite Marvel characters! While the game is slated for PC release, console availability remains unconfirmed. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Overwatch series, Marvel Rivals enters a fiercely competitive arena. From Spider-Man to Mantis, an array of beloved characters await, each boasting unique abilities to set them apart. However, eager players must exercise patience as the game’s release date remains shrouded in mystery. Stay tuned for updates as you gear up for epic battles!

Hollow Knight: Silksong

by Team Cherry

Anticipated since its 2019 announcement, fans are on the edge of their seats for this eagerly awaited sequel. Following the footsteps of the masterpiece that was Hollow Knight, this next instalment from the small indie team at Team Cherry promises to be a labour of love. With just three dedicated souls behind the scenes, they’re tirelessly crafting a world that expands on the original, introducing vibrant villages previously absent. The artwork is nothing short of fabulous, with each delay likely attributed to the team’s pursuit of perfection. And once again, the impeccable sound design sets the perfect ambiance, just as it did in the first instalment.

Prison Architect 2

by Double Eleven

Get ready to take control of a prison like never before! This latest instalment in the series takes a bold leap into the third dimension, bringing you detailed designs and immersive gameplay. The lifeless AI prisoners are now full of personality, forming relationships and adding a new layer of realism. With the all-new career mode, you’ll progress through various prisons, tackling different objectives as the prisoners get angrier and more dangerous. Plus, the management system has received a massive upgrade, giving you more control over every aspect of your prison empire.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows

by Ubisoft

Get ready for a thrilling new chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga, now set in Japan! This exciting instalment features two playable characters: Naoe, a fierce female ninja, and Yasuke, inspired by the real-life “African samurai.” With these diverse heroes, you’ll have multiple play styles at your disposal. The game boasts a vast open world, similar in size to Assassin’s Creed Origins, and dynamically changes with the seasons, affecting gameplay with frozen lakes in winter and blooming flora in spring. Missions are non-linear, letting you hunt down targets your way. Unlike previous games, vantage points now highlight areas of interest without cluttering your map with objective markers.