This month Julie sheds some light on interior design.

Creating the right atmosphere in a room is all about balancing the resources and materials along with the space. One of the most important and often overlooked components is light. Everything from using the natural light available during the day to ensuring that the correct lighting effects are available in the evening. Getting it wrong can affect the whole dynamic of the room making it disjointed, dated and unwelcoming.

As an interior designer there are three words I always have in mind when planning lighting: ambience, task, and accent. Most importantly you must consider what you are going to use the room for and which features you would like to highlight. If the room is a multi-functional living space, you will have to consider more than one solution to light. 


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A bright light will often make you feel alert and awake. Great for reading or working but not ideal for a bedroom. Softer lights create a different mood and are much more relaxing and calming. LED lighting can cater for both and are much more energy efficient. Another option to consider is a dimmer switch, although it is worth spending a little more on a switch to avoid the dreaded dimmer switch buzz which is often an issue with the cheaper triac based switches.

Down lights in the kitchen can make the food preparation areas much more usable and help avoid those mishaps when slicing your onions. Down lighting can also be good for reading and used correctly is less distracting to others using the room at the same time for different activities.

Huge advances have been made with the technology available, especially with energy saving bulbs meaning that you do not have the restrictions we had a few years ago. You can literally enjoy your lights on during the day to create an effect without the worry of your meter spinning around too quick.

LED lighting is often used in the development of a kitchen to create a great look. Its not just under cupboard lighting anymore, think about your plinths and skirting. Also available in a vast colour palette which you can even control from your smart phone.  

Floor and table lights just give that finishing touch, and although they may not be the main source of lighting they can create some stunning visual effects. These come in many shapes, sizes and design… it is a chance for your imagination to run wild. 



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