The region’s favourite Christmas films…

As winter rolls in, the frosted windows of Places&Faces HQ hide the seasonal battleground of The Great Christmas Film Debate. Things get far too heated to handle, and so we’ve decided to turn to you, our lovely readers, to settle the dust and disover the region’s favourite Christmas films!

In order to save some Christmas-dinner debates, we’ve compiled a survey featuring some of the best Christmas films or you to choose from. With anything from Love Actually to Die Hard, Lethal Weapon to Harry Potter, the choice is endless!

What feature always gets you in the festive mood? Is Die Hard really a Christmas film? Which Harry Potter takes the cake? Is The Polar Express a sweet tale or nightmare fuel? Do you know of some must-watch festive film which is never featured on lists like these?

Contribute your opinions and VOTE through our survey by clicking the link below.

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Simply click the link and submit as many of your favourite Christmas films as you’d like. 

If we’ve missed anything out, submit your favourites in the “Other” section. There is no limit on the number of films you can pick, but only submit your answers once. No cheating!

Let the battles commence!

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