Orangeries and conservatories create amazing open spaces and an abundance of light.

Conservatories are a joy to relax in during the summer months and these unique spaces offer up a myriad of design possibilities. The glazed open spaces are often designed to create a contemporary feel and can very quickly be over complicated with clutter. Less is most definitely more to avoid feeling confined in such airy rooms. You can let your imagination run wild in such a space by either creating a new design feel or by echoing elements from the rest of your living space and the garden combined.

You may already have one of these fabulous rooms in place and require a make over. JHD Interior’s has a huge selection of materials and styles on offer and I often use these to create a refreshed and upbeat style which is not only sensitive to the clients requirements but to the environmental influences around the space also; for example is there a certain theme running through the garden.

I like to maximise the open plan area  by considering the scale of the furniture and laying out the room accordingly. Constricting walk-through spaces or obstructing the window areas can have detrimental effects on the overall look. If you have a smaller conservatory or orangery then resist the urge to over stock on your furniture and larger plants or ornaments.

Whilst on the subject of plants, it is important to select the right plants for the environment, cacti and rubber plants work well. Remember it always best to check the amount of sunlight coming into the area as well as the individual needs of the species to ensure you don’t end up with any casualties.

Neutral colours on walls can help create a fantastically light and airy feel. Balance this off by really going to town on your soft furnishings to introduce a vibrancy of colour. If you have enough space you could consider a feature wall, bringing in a different texture.

Window dressings and floor coverings are so important, after all we have created a garden room, the name implying that you want to enjoy the garden from within. We certainly don’t want to obscure this view with the wrong kind of blind or curtain.

New orangeries are often designed to reflect up to 98% of UV rays. The days of only wicker or cane furniture have long gone. Add to this new advancements in the technology for fade resistant fabrics and you soon find you will have much more diverse design choices without the need to cover furniture with throws when the sun is at its strongest to avoid damage. We have a great selection of such fabrics here at JHD and we can help you make informed decisions for your final interior design choice.

When it comes to flooring it is important to take into consideration the fluctuating temperatures which are often experienced in a room which has such  large glazed areas. A good stone or tiled floor is great for keeping cool in the warmer months. Add underfloor heating to help regulate the heating during the colder months. Keeping to a light colour on the floor is important it you have a lantern roof as these rely on light reflecting off the floor to help illuminate the room during the day.

Whatever your design choices it is important to ensure they mix well with the functionality of the finished room, and this is where we can help. Get in touch with our experts and we can discuss your requirements in full.

– Julie Handforth-Doidge

Proprietor / Interior designer at JHD Interiors in Norwich 

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