Perfect Plants to enjoy in your conservatory

Bird of Paradise (strelitzia reginae)

A beautiful plant which has a very distinctive look; the colourful flowers are a definite conversation starter and will bring a touch of the tropics to your garden room. Lots of exposure to sunlight will help it to flower and a well-drained soil, which is kept moist, will see your bird of paradise thrive.

African fig tree (ficus cyathistipula)

Another hardy and undemanding plant is the African fig tree. The wonderful long-rounded leaves of this upright fig can add some height to the room. Although they are suitable for conservatories they can also be used in North facing positions with a lesser light.

Cacti & Succulents

Placed in the warm and sunny spots of your conservatory cacti and succulents will thrive. They are able to tolerate the extreme heat in the summer and can withstand the colder temperatures a glass room has in the winter. Their super low maintenance means you can enjoy their beauty with minimal effort… a win win all round.

String of pearls (senecio rowleyanus)

A plant which needs a good amount of light for it to achieve its best. It is a succulent so it is drought tolerant and doesn’t need a huge amount of watering. Let the soil dry out before re-watering; if the pearls begin to shrivel then this is a sign it needs more water.

Cape primroses (streptocarpus)

A fabulous flowering favourite, they are well suited to a conservatory, however they will also need partial shade and a good amount of ventilation. The trumpet shaped blooms can be found in various colours including purple, pink, red and white, as well as bicolours too.