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Want a new podcast obsession this month?  

By Polly Coleman

Get Lifted with Lisa Snowdon

In this brand-new podcast inspired by her popular ‘Self Care Sunday’ on InstagramTV, host Lisa Snowdon talks to a wide variety of scientists, doctors, specialists, alternative therapists and experts in their field on everything revolving around the four key pillars of health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing). Lisa and her guests talk about effective breathing, fasting, sleep, hormones, the moon, the menopause and many more topics. The first two episodes focus on breathing techniques and the secrets to a good night’s sleep.

Frequency: Fridays for 10 weeks


Wild Thing

Season one of Wild Thing followed people’s belief in the illusive Bigfoot… Talking to watchers, hunters and enthusiasts as they tried to convince the world of the existence of the legendary creature. Why does this creature ignite our imagination? Where does that fascination come from? And why does it persist? Season two goes much bigger, looking to outer-space and the hunt for life beyond our planet. Host Laura Krantz speaks to a myriad of special guests including Navy Pilots who’ve seen strange lights, true believers at the UFO Festival in Roswell and scientists including Frank Drake and ‘Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute’ co-founder Jill Tarter. Whether it’s seeking out Bigfoot in season one, or gazing skyward to look for extra-terrestrial life in season two, can the search for the unknown helps us better understand ourselves?

Frequency: Monthly

No Such Thing as a Fish

Produced and presented by the famous QI Elves (otherwise known as James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber), No Such Thing as a Fish is a long-standing, award-winning UK podcast that started all the way back in 2014.

Each week, the Elves present their favourite facts that they’ve learned that week. With intriguing episode names and fascinating content, there’s something new to learn each and every time you listen. They’ll also be going on a live UK tour later in 2021, with tickets available on their website

Frequency: Weekly


Broccoli Book Club

With an emphasis on exploring books that push us to be more empathetic and inquisitive, the Broccoli Book Club hosts two-part discussions with the aim of giving us a better understanding of society today. Journalist host Diyora Shadijanova explores one book each month with the podcast being released in two-part episodes. Part one is a group discussion of the book and part two is an interview with the author of the chosen book.

Frequency: Once a month

Did Ya Know

The Did Ya Know podcast tells the untold stories of executives of colour, who have paved the way in the British music industry. Hosted by legendary music manager Adrian Sykes, the inspirational conversations aim to not just tell the stories of industry leaders, but to inspire and guide a new generation of executives. Previous guests include Keith Harris OBE, Tinie Tempah, Fay Hoyte, Darcus Beese OBE as well as many more amazing people.

Frequency: Monthly


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