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Lauren Mckaig

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“My skin looks aged and tired!” This is a statement I hear daily, lots of people ask for the best skincare product for ageing and I always respond – retinol.

Retinol is magic, it should be your best friend and greatest weapon against wrinkles and the ravages of time. Retinol, is a pure, topical form of vitamin A. It helps increase the skin’s thickness and collagen production, while firming and refining the complexion and restoring its vibrancy – a literal fountain of youth.

As you age, your skin cell turnover and collagen production slow down; when retinol is applied topically, it helps bring your skin cells and function back to a more youthful state and increases collagen production in the dermis to provide anti-ageing benefits. Collagen is a substance needed to boost skin’s hydration and elasticity.

Retinol has multiple uses. It can be used to combat conditions like acne and can target areas of pigmentation. It can also reduce signs of ageing and sun damage. This power boost helps speed up cellular turnover to keep pores unclogged, reducing acne breakouts. It also improves texture, fine lines, and brightness of the skin.

When choosing a retinol product, it is important you choose a good quality one as some formulas containing retinols can be irritating to the skin, causing redness, and peeling, something people often associate with the high-potency vitamin A prescription acne treatment Retin-A.

pHformula Vita A 24 mask, I highly recommend this product – formula Vitamin A 24 mask. It has a wonderful formula containing a sophisticated anti-irritant complex to help reduce the concerns commonly associated with the use of retinol. The retinol is microencapsulated, resulting in a slow release that prolongs its action, and has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other skin discolorations.

After thoroughly cleansing the skin, I recommend starting by applying just a 50 pence size amount of the mask, once a week before bed. Apply just the mask, with no other products so it can work its magic most effectively. In a few weeks you should start seeing results and you can then start to increase the frequency of using of the product if your skin is tolerating it well.

If you would like to know more about the best skincare products and regime for you, I highly recommend seeing me at Norwich Face and Body Clinic for a Skin Therapy consultation, this will allow us to discuss your skin concerns, current products and regime and get started on a sample pack of products, including this magic night mask so you can see the results for yourself.


Please note products 2 and 3 can be sourced through a qualified skin specialist such as The Norwich Face and Body Clinic (there are clinic finders on both websites, so it’s easy to locate a clinic stocking these products).


1.  Laroche-posay

La Roche-Posay 0.3% Retinol + Vitamin B3 Serum £28


2.  pHformula

VITA A rejuvenating face mask £37


3.  Obagi®

Retinol 1.0 £64

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