Leiston Abbey

Rooftop Gardens

Food & Drink

Norwich’s first and only rooftop restaurant and bar, with 360-degree panoramic views of famous landmarks, including the Cathedral, Castle and Carrow Road.

Sitting proudly on the top floor of The Union Building, Rose Lane, there is a beautiful contrast between the former Aviva building’s 1970s Brutalist architecture and our newly refurbished rooftop venue. During the day, the building is a thriving office for a variety of local businesses who come up for air amid the daily grind. Of an evening, the Rooftop Gardens transforms into a  hub for all to unwind in style.

Operations Director Glenn Walker said “Rooftop Gardens has been operating for six years now and like many businesses, especially during the pandemic, we lost our identity slightly. We are one of the very fortunate restaurants lucky enough to still be trading in what is a very competitive industry, especially with all the other amazing independent restaurants and bars here in Norfolk. We are really proud and excited by all the improvements we have
made recently”.

“Our new head chef, Lewis Howes and our Bar manager Karim El-Bahi, have worked really hard with their teams to bring together excellent food and drinks menus that we feel are the best we have ever had here at Rooftop. It’s looking like a busy summer here again and we are really excited for new and old faces to come along and see how much passion and hard work our team is putting in to offering a fantastic guest experience.”



Equipment needed:

Boston tin cocktail shaker, a juice squeezer, ice, cocktail jigger, fine strainer, lighter.

Ingredients: serves 1

60ml London dry Gin

25ml Fresh Lemon juice

2.5tsp Raspberry preserves

1 Toasted marshmallow



Chill your glass (preferably a nick and nora glass) with water and ice.

Add all ingredients to your shaker, add ice last up to ¾ of the way, shake for 7 to 10 seconds, leave to rest in the shaker. Whilst it is resting,  skewer your marshmallow and gently toast using your lighter.

Empty your now chilled glass and fine strain the cocktail into the glass. Place your toasted marshmallow on to the top of the glass for decoration and enjoy!

Pan seared duck breast with New potatoes, garden peas and jus

Ingredients: serves 2

• 2 duck breasts

• 1 sprig of thyme

• 8 new potatoes

• 300g Norfolk peas (200g for puree)

• 10 red lion mustard micro cress (to garnish)

• 140ml of Jus

• 40ml white wine

• 2 Tbsp of butter


Bring the new potatoes up to boil in cold water until cooked, this usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the new potatoes. Once cooked, drain off the water and leave to one side.

Get a non-stick pan, season with Malden salt, put the duck breasts into the cold pan and place over a high flame. Render out the fat until the skin is golden brown, then flip over onto the flesh side and sear for one minute. Add the cooked new potatoes to the pan, then baste the duck breasts and potatoes with your butter and add your thyme.

Baste for 2-3 minutes and then leave to rest for 5 minutes.

Whilst resting, get your peas cooked off in a pan of boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes, measure out the 200g needed for the puree and place these straight into ice water (this helps them to keep their colour) then blitz them up with 40ml of white wine and seasoning to taste. Once blended, pass it through a sieve to get it smooth. Use your remaining peas for the dressing the dish. Slice the duck open down the middle, season the flesh, then plate the way you would like!