Top 10 things to do when Selling your House

Selling your house? Here are the top 10 things you must do if you want to make a quick and successful sale.

Most of these may seem obvious but many sellers overlook the simple things which can make their home much more desirable and easy to sell. The last thing we all want is to either struggle with selling or have to drop the price dramatically, especially if we have our sights set on our next dream house.

1 Curb Appeal
It is vitally important to make a good impression to your potential buyers, not only when they arrive for a viewing but also on the photo for your listing on the property sites. This is the first thing everyone will see so make sure that lawns are cut, woodwork is painted and upvc is wiped down.

2 Create a welcome
Make sure that the entrance to your home is welcoming and organised. Only hang a few coats, not every single jacket that you own… the same goes for shoes. Don’t leave your favourite gym trainers kicked in the corner, although you love them, chances are that nobody else will. Get a door matt, but be careful if you opt for a comedy message printed on it, not everyone will find it funny.

3 Clean
This may be one of the most important steps. Clean and then clean again. Let’s be honest, most of us are not completing our weekly routine to the standard of a deep clean. Don’t miss out light fittings, windows and cupboards. Once you have finished this step your work isn’t done… you have to maintain the standard of clean so you are ready for the viewings and not caught out.

4 Declutter
Most of us will find this a challenge. You have to be ruthless with this. Do you really need 45 scarves, 99 pairs of shoes and 500 paperbacks? Have a clear out; donate, bin and sell. You will be amazed how quickly you will free up space and how tidy your house will suddenly look once you have shed some unused possessions. Not to mention it will make your move easier with less to pack and give you extra cash for any items you can sell, you’d be surprised how much you will make.

5 Think Neutrals
Have you gone with a bold and creative pallet for the paint and wallpaper in your home? Maybe it’s time to tone down your style and go for something with a wider audience appeal that helps potential buyers imagine their things in your home. A more neutral pallet will help increase the appeal and lighter colours can make the rooms look bigger.

6 Finish off
Now is the time to finish any of those half completed DIY jobs. Does it need repairing? If the answer is yes best get it fixed.

7 Remove personal items
Your children might be budding artists but it is time to take down the gallery on the fridge and limit the family photos on display. Once again this depersonalises your home and helps the potential buyers to subconsciously imagine themselves living in that space with their own family. You almost need to create a ‘clean slate’ appeal which buyers put their own stamp on.

8 Rearrange
The way you have set out your furniture and belongings may be the way it best suits you and your family, but is it the most practical or aesthetically pleasing. Rearrange furniture and even remove furniture if things are too cluttered. Nothing makes a room feel smaller than having too much furniture in it. Make sure walk ways are clear and that doors open fully.

9 Name that smell
Does your home smell? Are you sure? You might love your pets so much you might be oblivious to their odours. Ask a good friend who will be honest with you and get them to give your home a nose test.

10 Relax
With all of these steps followed your home will have an effortless and relaxing appeal. Add some finishing touches like freshly cut flowers. Make sure the environment is quiet, don’t arrange viewings for when your son is competing in a Fortnite tournament or when the teenage children next door have got band practice. No one wants to listen to a war-zone or thrash metal when they are about to commit to such a large investment.

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