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Sofa… so good

Julie Handforth-Doidge talks sofas

There is nothing quite like getting home after a hard day at work, kicking off your shoes and relaxing on the sofa. Even more important at this time of the year as we all want to get cosy and shelter from the bitter January weather. Here at JHD Interiors we love offering people that satisfying feeling of comfort in their homes. The perfect sofa to fit with you, your family and your lifestyle is so important. Our bespoke sofa making service guides you through the process from design to manufacture, helping you make the right decisions for your needs along the way.


Size does matter

First off you need to think about the size of the sofa. Will it fit in your room? Will it go through the doors? It is all well and good selecting your dream sofa only to find out that you can’t get it in the room you want or even in the house. Apart from getting it in, the other size question is will your selected sofa give you enough space for the whole family to stretch out comfortably? Are you using the space as a relaxing lounge to chill out and watch a movie together? Then you need to have the square footage to fit you all in. 

When we manufacture a sofa we take all of this into consideration and this is why we offer a free measuring service and site survey. This way there are no surprises when trying to fit through tight spaces. This does not necessarily mean that the overall  finished look of the sofa is compromised. Clever design features and modifications can be incorporated into the build such as removable arms or a sofa which is constructed in several pieces and reassembled on site. Ideal if you live in a cottage with a narrow hallway.


It’s all about the base

The foundations of the sofa build are extremely important. It is no use having the right size and a great fabric if what’s underneath is inferior. For the frame we use responsibly sourced wood from the Black Forest. Beech is a really hard-wearing wood which can withstand a lot of pressure over time, so it’s perfect for sofas that will get a lot of use. It’s really durable, a good weight bearing material and can withstand high impact force. This is why our sofas come with a 15 year guarantee.

Hey good looking

Now that the frame is sorted our thoughts turn to the look of the sofa and the finishing touches. It can be difficult to pick a new sofa as ultimately we have to live with it for a long time. Comfort, design, practicality and the overall aesthetics come in to play. Many people want to be bold with their choices but either don’t know where to start or play it safe by ordering something similar to what they have always had in the past. This is where a bespoke tailor-made service really comes in to its own. Our expertise guides you through the process and helps you to make informed decisions, and with one of the widest ranges of upholstery weight fabrics in the area there are plenty of options to choose from. All of these fabrics are not just selected for looks alone, they have been vigorously tested to ensure their durability.

To ensure maximum comfort we prefer to use coiled or fish mouth springs in the base and back, where the design allows, to distribute the weight evenly.

Hollow fibre cushions offer a natural look similar to feathers, but without the need to plump them up and have the added benefit of being non-allergic.

Another option is to use a duvet wrapped foam core, which is available in different densities, and gives a luxurious look and feel. We invite our customers to try out the different cushioning options we have available to ensure they are sitting comfortably and stylishly.


Upcycle that sofa

If your old sofa is looking a little tired, you have a family heirloom that needs a little love or you just want a new look then you can always have it reupholstered. During this service we check the construction of the piece before breathing a new lease of life into your furniture. Whatever your sofa needs… we have you covered.

Julie Handforth-Doidge
Proprietor / Interior designer at 
JHD Interiors in Norwich  
01603 722 385

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