Staying In – August 22

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Adam Gunton

Bullet Train   

Released: 3 August

Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is a trained killer that feels like he’s got the worst luck possible. He’s had enough of the assassin life, but his handler Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock) has one more job for him. All he needs to do is collect a briefcase from a bullet train that’s heading from Tokyo to Kyoto. Ladybug soon finds that there’s other competing assassins on the train and their objectives are all somehow connected. Directed by Deadpool 2’s David Leitch, this promises to be a hilarious action comedy with co-stars Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry and Michael Shannon. 


Released: 26 August

Have you ever wanted to see Idris Elba punch a lion in the face? Well, you’re in luck because in Beast, he punches a lion in the face. Elba plays a recently widowed husband who’s on a trip to South Africa with his two teenage daughters to show them where he first met their mother. During holiday, they head to a game-reserve with a family friend who’s a wildlife biologist. Sounds like all the makings of a lovely day. Until a ferocious man-hunting lion starts attacking them and killing anyone in its way. Can Idris Elba protect his children and get them home safely and stop them from becoming a lion’s lunch? Maybe punching the lion in the face will help.

Fisherman’s Friends: One and all

Released: 19 August

Sea-shanties. Made popular again by TikTok and by the Fisherman’s Friends. I personally don’t understand the appeal. Anytime I hear a sea-shanty all I think of is that old advert for frozen battered cod. Despite that, the Fisherman’s Friends return for a second helping of shanty singing. They’ve made it big, signed up to the same record label as Lady Gaga and they’re on the road to serious success. But with success comes drama and soon the group is falling out and losing focus. Can they shove their spats to the side and shift into shantying gear and maybe make it to Glastonbury? Probably. If, like me, you’re not a shanty zealot then you might just enjoy the beautiful Cornish back-drop instead. 

Day Shift

Released: 12 August, Netflix

Jamie Foxx is just trying to be a good dad and provide a better life for his 8 year old daughter and so he spends his days cleaning pools in San Fernando, California. Or at least, that’s what he wants people to believe. He actually earns his money by hunting and killing vampires. Put together by a team of people behind some of the John Wick films, Day Shift also stars Dave Franco and the legendary Snoop Dogg. It’s going to be some serious silly fun – what could be more entertaining than watching Jamie Foxx shoot some vampires in California? There’s a sentence I bet you didn’t think you’d read today.



The Feast

Released: 19 August

This horror filmed entirely in Welsh debuted at last year’s South by Southwest film festival to critical acclaim. The story follows a wealthy family hosting a dinner party at their home in the Welsh mountains. They’re entertaining a local businessman and farmer who are hoping to secure a business deal. A young woman arrives to be their waitress for the evening and unbeknownst to the family and their guests, she is planning on serving them their last meal ever. This film is not for the faint-hearted and will push you to your limits but if you’re looking for something different and filled with tension, then this is for you. Just maybe avoid eating your dinner while you watch it.

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