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Adam Gunton

See How They Run 

Released: 9 September

Everyone loves a whodunit. It’s a classic format and has been utilised well in recent years in films like Knives Out. See How They Run stars Sam Rockwell as Inspector Stoppard and Saoirse Ronan as his sidekick, Constable Stalker. The intrepid investigators are called to a local theatre where a desperate Hollywood producer is trying to turn a popular play into a film. However, one of the members of the production has been murdered! Stoppard and Stalker will need to find all the clues to eliminate the suspects one by one to find the killer! It’s a well-known format but the style and tone look like a lot of fun. The cast is killer too, with Adrien Brody, Ruth Wilson, David Oyelowo, and This Country’s Charlie Cooper!

Don’t Worry Darling

Released: 23 September

Alice (Florence Pugh) and her husband (Harry Styles) are living in a utopian experimental community where all the men work at the same company and everything is perfect. But Alice starts to feel like something isn’t right. She starts seeing things. Things she can’t explain. She’s feeling trapped. Scared. Worried that the glamorous company where her husband works is hiding some terrifying secrets. Alice begins to unravel as she tries to solve this mystery while everyone else tells her not to worry. Olivia Wilde directs this tense and mysterious thriller.

Three Thousand Years of Longing

Released: 2 September

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? That’s the problem that Tilda Swinton has in this new film from Max Max director, George Miller. Swinton plays Dr Alithea Binnie, an academic who’s happy with life and is a very pragmatic and practical person. During a trip to Istanbul, she encounters a Djinn (basically a genie) played by Idris Elba who offers her the classic three wishes in exchange for his freedom. The average person would rub their hands with glee and wish for riches, fame, power – all the usual stuff. But for Alithea, it’s a problem – she’s a scholar of this sort of mythology and she knows all the classic stories of wishes going wrong. George Miller blew audiences away with Fury Road and all though this film will be less intense, it looks to have the same charm and creativity that audiences responded to and with the acting forces of Swinton and Elba, you can’t go wrong.

Ticket to Paradise

Released: 16 September

George Clooney and Julia Roberts play a divorced couple travelling to Bali for their daughter’s wedding. They absolutely despise each other but they can agree on one thing – they think their daughter is making a huge mistake getting married and she’s throwing her career away. So, they put their differences aside and sabotage the wedding. If you’re thinking that maybe this little adventure will help bring them closer together and maybe understand their daughter is getting married because she’s in love and that’s all that really matters, then you’d probably be right. Plus you get to see Clooney and Roberts drunk-dance!



Bodies Bodies Bodies

Released: 2 September

A bunch of rich twenty-somethings are having a party at a remote mansion. They decide to play a game as a storm kicks in. The rules of the game involve one person being a secret “murderer” and “killing” other players by touching them on the back. If you come across a murdered player, you must shout “Bodies, bodies, bodies!” You can probably guess where this is going. Yep, the game turns deadly when someone gets murdered for real. There’s a killer in the group and they’re trying to pick everyone off, one by one. It sounds like something you’ve seen before but as this film is from A24, a studio with a fantastic track record, all bets are off. It’s one part horror, one part comedy and one part thriller, and will keep you guessing right until the end.

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