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Adam Gunton

You: Season 4 – Part 1

Netflix, 9 February

Although he’d never want to be referred as a serial killer, the lovesick serial killer Joe Goldberg is back – but not as Joe Goldberg. After faking his murder at the hand of his wife, Love, whom he murdered (you read that right), Joe has made a new life for himself in London under the fake name Jonathan Moore. Joe hopes to put his past behind him and avoiding falling for women, seeing as that causes him to get obsessed which always ends with death. However that much misery and murder can only be evaded for so long… Joe makes new friends but it seems like one of them knows who he really is. He starts getting messages and threats to reveal his dark secrets. Can Joe stay one step ahead of this mystery person and keep his cool and… you know… not kill someone this time? Personally, I can’t wait for Joe to finally receive some comeuppance. Three whole seasons and he’s still getting away with it? Surely, it’s just a matter of time?

Watch the trailer here. 

Funny Woman

Sky/NOW TV, 9 February

Gemma Arterton stars as the hilarious Barbara Parker. Barbara was born and grew up in Blackpool but she’s moved to London because she wants to be someone. She believes she’s got the comedic talent to make it in the male dominated sitcom world of the 1960s. It’s a ruthless industry but Barbara might just have the wit that helps her stand out from the crowd. Based on the novel Funny Girl by Nick Hornby, this funny and endearing show also starts Rupert Everett, David Threlall and Tom Bateman.

Watch the trailer here.

Clarkson’s Farm

Prime Video, 10 February

The biggest television surprise of 2021 was Clarkson’s Farm. We’ve all seen episodes of Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson and his sidekicks would attempt something ridiculous with mildly entertaining, if not disastrous, results. So, when it was announced there was going to be a TV show of him trying his hand at farming, you’d expect things to turn out the same. But the result was something much more interesting. Yes, it had Clarkson making his usual stupid decisions based on his own arrogance rather than the advice he’d been given, such as purchasing a Lamborghini tractor. But it showed what the UK farming industry is like and how difficult it is; a reality that we’re so often blissfully unaware of. Farmers applauded Clarkson and the series for raising awareness of the struggles of the agri-community. So old Jezza has decided to keep going and see if another year on the farm shows a little more success than his first. Expect the same hijinks and the usual loveable faces such as Kaleb, Charlie and Gerald, the man no-one can understand.

Watch some of the season one highlighs here.


ITVX, February

Nolly, is a new limited series from Russell T. Davies, the mind behind the critically acclaimed It’s a Sin and the man who brought Doctor Who back to our screens and is returning to the show later this year. Staring Helena Bonham Carter as Noele Gordan, the actress best known for her role as widow Meg Richardson in the classic popular soap Crossroads.

The series will delve into events after Noele was axed without warning from the soap, a television show that had been her life for over 18 years and Davies describes it as a story of how women are often treated by the television industry. The show is sure to be nostalgic, featuring talented actors playing people you might remember from Crossroads, and it’s accompanied by a documentary called The Real Nolly to help you really get into her story.

Watch a clip here.

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