Staying In (TV) March 22

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Staying in with Adam Gunton

Bridgerton Season 2

25 March, Netflix

Netflix’s scandalous series based on the popular Bridgerton romance novels by Julia Quinn is back for a second season. However the new season will shift focus onto Anthony, who’s looking for a wife and plans on marrying for duty rather than love. Of course, it’s not going to be that easy. The show feels a little like Downton Abbey meets Skins and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Netflix has already signed up for seasons three and four, and showrunner Shonda Rhimes has plans for a lot more.

How I Met Your Father

9 March, Disney+

After nine seasons of watching how Ted Mosby met their mother only to get an ending that a lot of fans were very unhappy with, we’ve got a spin-off. This time it’s all about how Sophie (Hilary Duff) met her children’s father. The story is told by Sophie’s future self, played by Kim Cattrall and has a similar format to How I Met Your Mother. It even exists in the same world as the original show and I’m sure little nods and references will pop up along the way. If you’re looking for a new, reliable and comforting sitcom, then this is for you.

Pieces Of Her

4 March, Netflix

We all love a good thriller and how’s this for a hook? Andrea is caught in a nightmare, a deadly mass shooting at her local diner. Fearing the worst and assuming this is her end, she then sees her mother Laura (Toni Collette) violently fighting back and stopping the attackers without skipping a beat. Admit it, you’re intrigued and you want to find out more. So does Andrea as she tries to uncover her mother’s past. It’s going to be one of those shows where the credits roll and you look at the clock and see if there’s time to watch another episode before bed!

Moon Knigh

30 March, Disney+

Marvel’s latest show in its never-ending line-up stars Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, a gift-shop employee, living in London. He keeps having blackouts and memories from another life. Steven finds out that he’s sharing a body with former marine Marc Spector and is suffering with dissociative identity disorder. Sounds like he’s having a tough time. So why not throw some powers from an Egyptian moon God into the mix? What could go wrong? A lot, probably.

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