Staying In (TV) – March 23

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Staying in with Adam Gunton

The Mandalorian – Season 3

Disney+, 1 March

He’s more than just a meme you see on Facebook. Baby Yoda, or to use his actual name, Grogu, is a Mandalorian in training. You might be a bit confused if you didn’t watch the Boba Fett series but Grogu decided to forego his Jedi training and re-join his adopted Dad, the titular Mandalorian, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and follow the way of the Mandalorians. There’s obviously a rich storyline set in the Star Wars universe about Din taking the Darksaber and using it to try and reunite all the Mandalorians on their home planet of Mandalore but let’s be honest; the main reason we’re watching it is for cute little Grogu.

Watch the trailer here. 

The Bay

ITV, March

ITV’s gripping police drama returns for a fourth season. Marsha Thomson’s DS Jenn Townsend will be tackling a new mystery with the rest of the team in Morecambe. Not much has been revealed about the new series yet but it’s sure to be full of suspense, mystery and will be just as additive as before. This might hopefully fill the void that Happy Valley has left us with but those are some big shoes to fill!


Netflix, 1 March

No rest for the wicked, Danny Dyer may have left Albert Square but he’s back on our screens as a host for this interesting new gameshow from Netflix. Dyer shares his hosting role with Ellie Taylor as four contestants have a chance to win a potential jackpot of over £50,000. The four players put their knowledge to the test as they work their way through three rounds but if they find their knowledge lacking, they can always try and cheat their way to the top. That’s right, cheating is encouraged and is very much a part of this show. Some of my favourite board-games of recent years use elements of subterfuge so I’m excited to see how this plays out in a gameshow. You can also play a game at home as you watch. You take a drink every time Danny Dyer says “treacle.”

Abbott Elementary – Season 2

Disney+, 1 March

The second season of the critically acclaimed mockumentary arrives on Disney+ this March. The show is made in the same format as things like The Office, Parks & Recreation and Modern Family with a documentary crew following a group of teachers around a public school in Philadelphia. The teachers are dedicated and passionate, but their principal is a little tone-deaf. The teachers find themselves are stressed, working with little-to-no budget but they love what they do. It’s full of charm and memorable characters and was unexpected ratings hit. Because of this, the producers took some of the money that had been allocated for advertising and used it to buy supplies for real teachers instead!

Watch the trailer here

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