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The Book-it List 1

The New Year rolling around brings a great selection of new books to choose from to kick start your year. Here are my top picks of new releases coming out in January.

New Year… new book?

The Perfect Escape

by Leah Konen

When her husband Harry walks out after just six months, a girls’ weekend away with two friends seems like just what Sam needs. A girls’ weekend to die for. New friends Sam, Margaret and Diana are thrilled to be getting out of the city for a girls’ weekend. They have bonded over their messy divorces, and every mile further along their journey feels like another step towards putting their exes in the past. But they aren’t even halfway to their destination when things start to go wrong: car trouble that just happens to leave them stranded in the town where Harry lives. And that’s only the beginning.

Because there are three things Sam doesn’t yet know: one of her friends is lying about what happened. One is lying about who she is. And one of them will never make it home…

Release date: 4 January
Available to pre-order now.

Find Her First

by Emma Christie

Paramedic Andy Campbell has a secret he can’t tell anyone, not least the police. But when his wife Stef’s image is found at the home of a suspected killer, detectives start knocking on his door, and they’re not the only ones asking questions. As Andy battles to keep them off his trail, those close to Stef make a series of bloody discoveries that demand explanations even her husband can’t give. The race for the truth leads them far from their Edinburgh home – but who will find her first, and will they save her life or take it?

Release date: 20 January
Available to pre-order now.


by Susan Stokes-Chapman

Pandora is Susan Stokes-Chapman’s debut novel. London, 1799. Dora Blake is an aspiring jewellery artist who lives with her uncle in what used to be her parents’ famed shop of antiquities. When a mysterious Greek vase is delivered, Dora is intrigued by her uncle’s suspicious behaviour and enlists the help of Edward Lawrence, a young antiquarian scholar. Edward sees the ancient vase as a key to unlocking his academic future. Dora sees it as a chance to restore the shop to its former glory, and to escape her nefarious uncle. But what Edward discovers about the vase has Dora questioning everything she has believed about her life, her family, and the world as she knows it. As Dora uncovers the truth she starts to realise that some mysteries are buried, and some doors are locked, for a reason.

Release date: 27 January
Available to pre-order now.

Bigger than us

by Fearne Cotton

In her brand-new book, Fearne Cotton seeks out the insight and advice of wise minds to explore what they can teach us to achieve happiness, connection and hope. Fearne weaves her own journey of discovery and personal stories with the deep knowledge, ancient practices and emotional tools of renowned spiritualists and thought leaders. With their help, she peels back layers of anxiety to find contentment and deeper meaning. Down-to-earth and relatable, Bigger Than Us is divided into three lessons that we can all learn, no matter who we are or what we believe: love, awareness and communication.

Bigger Than Us is for anyone seeking a path through our confusing lives and offers inspiration for tapping into the strength and comfort around us and releasing the blocks and insecurities that hold us back.

Release date: 20 January
Available to pre-order now.


by Danielle Steel

Antonia Adams is the product of a loveless marriage between a beautiful young model and an aristocrat. As a child, she’s abandoned in the abyss that yawns between them, blamed by her mother, ignored by her father, and neglected by both. Unprotected and unloved, she learns that the only way to feel safe is to hide from the dangers around her… to be “invisible.” In her isolation, books are her refuge and movies her escape. Her love of the movies turns into a dream to become a screenwriter, and a summer job at a Hollywood studio. There, a famous British filmmaker notices her, and suddenly she can remain invisible no longer. He wants to put her in a movie and make her a star. It’s a dazzling opportunity but a terrifying one, as it strips her of the camouflage that made her feel safe.

Release date: 6 January
Available to pre-order now.

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