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Not sure what to do over the Easter weekend? Why not get yourself comfy, make a cuppa and get between the covers… 

by Andrew Hirst

22 Seconds

by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

The release of the 22nd Women’s Murder Club novel can’t come soon enough. This time SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer has guns on her mind. There’s buzz of a last-ditch shipment of drugs and weapons crossing the Mexican border ahead of new restrictive gun laws. Before Lindsay can act, her top informant tips her off to a case that hits disturbingly close to home.

Former cops. Professional hits. All with the same warning scrawled on their bodies… “You talk, you die.” Now it’s Lindsay’s turn to choose.

With the typical short, sharp chapters this book is once again binge-worthy and addictive. Just one
more chapter before you turn the light off… or do you stay up all night and finish the whole thing?

Release date: 28 April

The Candy House

by Jennifer Egan

Arguably one of the most dazzling and iconic writers of our time releases her new soon-to-be best-seller. This is an electrifying, deeply moving novel about the quest for authenticity, privacy and meaning in a world where our memories are no longer our own. The book features characters from her Pulitzer Prize winning A Visit from the Goon Squad. If you haven’t read this then grab a copy and read this before the new book for an even more rewarding experience.

With a new technology, ‘Own Your Unconscious’, that allows you access to every memory you’ve ever had, and to share every memory in exchange for access to the memories of others, comes a beautifully crafted world from the depths of Egan’s imagination. In spellbinding, linked narratives, Egan spins out the consequences of Own Your Unconscious through the lives of multiple characters whose paths intersect over several decades. Egan introduces these characters in an astonishing array of styles—from omniscient to first person, plural to a duet of voices, an epistolary chapter and a chapter of tweets. In the world of Egan’s spectacular imagination, there are “counters” who track and exploit desires and there are “eluders,” those who understand the price of taking a bite of the Candy House.

This is, by no means, an easy read, yet intellectually dazzling and extraordinarily moving, The Candy House is a bold, brilliant imagining of a world that is moments away. Egan’s writing — as always — is flawless, offering plenty to think about.

Release date: 5 April

Time is a Mother

by Ocean Vuong

In this highly anticipated and deeply intimate second poetry collection from the award-winning Vuong, he searches for life in the aftershocks of his mother’s death, embodying the paradox of sitting within grief while being determined to survive beyond it. His third big release might be his best work so far, having cemented himself with his previous two works – Night Sky with Exit Wounds and On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous – as one of the most talented poets of his time. An absolute master of language; whether it be prose or poetry. 

Release date: 5 April

One Italian Summer

by Rebecca Serle

If you are looking to branch out from your normal genre then this could be the page-turner for you. Best-selling Serle’s new novel explores Katy’s world, which feels like it has fallen apart after her mother Carol dies. To make matters worse the mother-daughter trip of a lifetime looms: two weeks in Positano, the magical town Carol spent the summer right before she met Katy’s father. Now Katy has to embark on the adventure alone. But as soon as she steps foot on the Amalfi Coast, Katy begins to feel her mother’s spirit. Buoyed by the stunning waters, beautiful cliffsides, delightful residents and, of course, delectable food, Katy feels herself coming back to life. And then Carol appears—in the flesh, healthy, sun-tanned, and thirty years old.

Release date: Out Now

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