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The Book-It-List Sept

Put away your new James Patterson novel because September is THE month for new cookbooks, so it’s time to get some new ideas and be inspired. Warm up those grills, heat up your ovens, fire up your frying pans and create something new to tantalise your tastebuds!

by Polly Coleman

One: Simple One-Pan Wonders

by Jamie Oliver

Released: 1 September 2022

Everyone’s favourite naked chef is back with another collection of tasty treats… 120 to be exact. And these are all cooked in one pan with just eight ingredients or less; speedy prep and quick to wash up. It’s Jamie so you know it’ll be pukka-tukka!

Cook and Share: 120 Delicious New Fuss-Free Recipes

by Andrea Bartz

Released: 1 September 2022

Meg. Maggie. Melody. Different names for the same person, depending on the town, depending on the job. She’s a con artist who erases herself to become whoever you need her to be. Nothing about her is real. She slides alongside you and tells you exactly what you need to hear, and by the time she’s done, you’ve likely lost everything. The Lies I Tell is a twisted domestic thriller that dives deep into the psyches and motivations of two women and their unwavering quest to seek justice for the past and rewrite the future.

Big Has HOME

by Hasan Semay

Released: 18 August 2022

Hasan (a.ka. Big Has) takes on a slightly different and honest approach to his cooking. Nothing flashy, no expensive equipment or gizmos, this book is just about food. Big Has comes from the school of Jamie Oliver… this is his debut book… enough said.

Real Life Recipes

by Tom Kerridge

Released: 1 September 2022

A small town hides a big secret…Who killed Emily Vaughn? Prom Night. Longbill Beach, 1982. Emily Vaughn dresses carefully for what’s supposed to be the highlight of any high school career. But Emily has a secret. And by the end of the night, because of that secret, she will be dead. Nearly forty years later, Andrea Oliver, newly qualified as a US Marshal, receives her first assignment, but Andrea’s real focus is Emily Vaughn. Nobody was ever convicted, so the killer is still out there. But now Andrea has a chance to find out what really happened…

Persiana Everyday

by Sabrina Ghayour

Released: 4 August 2022

If you do not have any Middle East and beyond recipes in your locker then you need some. The all-new collection of more than 100 crowd-pleasing recipes that are packed full of flavour are not to be missed.

Quick and Easy Gluten Free

by Becky Excell

Released: 25 August 2022

You might have a problem with gluten, but with this book you won’t have a problem gluten-free recipes. Over 100 fuss-free recipes for lazy cooking and 30-minute meals. Gone are the days of making do with bland meals – gluten-free just got exciting again.

Jane’s Patisserie Celebrate!

by Jane Dunn

Released: 4 August 2022

September is the month we all get the urge to start baking again. Jane’s new book will add to your repertoire as well as giving you a fresh take on some old classics; from a fancy funfetti sponge to a gooey S’more. Good things come to those who bake!

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