The Spring Collective

On 20 April, I took a trip to the Royal Norwich Country Club for The Spring Collective event, with Bella Singleton, Evie of Vivaldi Norfolk and the lovely Polly Vincent of Enhance Cosmetics Clinic.

Hosted at the Royal Norwich a beautiful setting for an event on all things fashion, lifestyle and embracing your inner self, there couldn’t have been a more perfect place. Upon entry I was greeted by a gorgeous flower arch, courtesy of Basil & Pip who provided an array of flowers, from the flower arch to a gorgeous bouquet across the fireplace.

First, I must say, the setup was wonderful. Vibrant and colourful, the ladies did a great job capturing the Spring feel in the air. Our lovely hosts and guest speakers were dressed in the bright colours of Spring, perfect for delivering style tips, fashion advice and the best ways to bring out your inner shine.

Evie of Vivaldi Norfolk was first to present her wonderful colour analysis expertise. Demonstrating with two volunteer clients Evie showed us the difference getting your colours right can make. Are you warm toned or cool toned? Do you suit soft colours or bright colours? Which colours wash you out and which make you shine? Getting these questions answered for you is imperative to building a capsule wardrobe that will never have you stuck for what to wear, and that’s what Evie offers. Colour analysis provides you with the necessary means to buy clothes that make you feel beautiful, youthful, and bright.

Bella Singleton’s premium, print led, scarf label was a delightful attribute to the event. Bella demonstrated different ways to style her scarves from the classic look shown in The Gentleman, to tying a hair band into the fabric and wearing it in your hair. Korinna Howie, (@isthistooyoungforme) showed us a fabulous trick in which she slipped the scarf through her necklace – I’ll be thinking of that trick for a long time. All of Bella’s scarves are versatile, perfect to enhance any outfit and bring that little bit of colour!

Our final host, the lovely Polly Vincent, gave a very endearing and educational talk about the necessities of skincare. Finding the right products that make your skin glow without the enhancements of makeup and those that will make the application of makeup so much smoother from exfoliants to cleansers to moisturisers. I left feeling so much more understanding of what my skincare actually does.

Guest speakers Korinna and Lolly were fabulous, guiding the event with their wit, storytelling, and incredible style. Lolly closed the talks with the tale of her life, career and all the challenges she’s overcome to become the powerhouse that she is today. Encouraged to close our eyes and imagine a place filled with all the things that bring us joy, productivity and happiness, Lolly took us on an adventure of finding passion and fulfilment.

The true joy of this event was to be in a room filled with wonderful women all uplifting and empowering one another; especially to witness three incredible businesswomen embracing their passions. Polly, Bella and Evie crafted a space for interaction, encouragement and intense enjoyment! I’d like to extend a massive thank you to Polly Vincent for inviting us along, and to Bella and Evie for being such wonderful hosts.

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Polly: @enhance_cosmetic_clinic | @PollyVincent | Evie: @VivaldiNorfolk | Bella: @Bella.Singleton | Korinna: @isthistooyoungforme | Lolly: @LollyStreek