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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. The last few years have been quite a struggle for lots of us and the news is full of negative issues. Let’s face it the media of all descriptions do tend to focus on the worst-case scenario and then exaggerate the negative consequences and if you allow yourself to become absorbed and then buried in this doom scrolling it can wear even the most resilient of us down. 2023 is just coming into view over the chronological horizon so how can we make it a more positive experience?

Monitor your thoughts and feelings. 

Try to catch yourself when you are sliding into the negative thought pattern. A good practice is to become more mindful of your thoughts and feelings, as though you’re an observer, talk to yourself mindfully. Stop and consider and ask yourself “Do I need to think about that?” 

Understand your negative thinking habits or patterns. 

If you follow the news, try to edit it for yourself. The radio, TV and social media is frequently random in its content and its very often just the opinion of unqualified people. Be certain the person is delivering the information is knowledgeable and experienced enough so their opinion has some veracity.  Try not to get sucked in by sensational headlines that are not reflected in the reality of the situation. Don’t wallow in the depressing detail, look at the news early in the day so you can digest it and not as you’re slowing down ready for relaxation. 

Try to understand and reframe your thoughts.

Try to understand your negative thinking and feeling habits that may intensify your psychological tension. Educating yourself about your individual negative thinking and feeling patterns is imperative to your becoming more positive. 

Challenge your thoughts and feelings.       

Challenge your thoughts and feelings then decide your new positive path and eventually change your way of being by repeatedly and persistently saying a positive personalised mantra. 

What is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 

Are the things I’m telling myself even true? Am I distorting these events? What is a fresh way of looking at what has just happened? Instead of perceiving things depressingly, challenge every unhelpful thought, and see if you can embrace thoughts and feelings that are truly realistic. Some of them will be positive.

Substitute your negative thoughts with realistic positive thoughts. 

Experience an anxious moment rather than a panic attack, be excited or apprehensive rather than anxious, feel discomfort rather than pain, say that’s tough rather than that’s impossible. Speak the positivity into existence and speak the negativity into extinction. 

When you encounter something negative, see if you can teach yourself to think and talk more positively. Without misrepresenting the truth, look for the ‘silver lining’ in each setting and try to find the positive authority of genuineness and disregard the façade that is distortion. Detect the authenticity that fits your setting and realise that your position is less negative and more hopeful and encouraging.

Shane Lutkin has a masters degree in the theory of personality and is Lead Psychotherapist, at

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